Dancing Whale Soft Sole Baby Shoes

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These gorgeous first walker baby shoes are soft, lightweight and flexible which is what you want for baby's first shoes. Learning to walk is a momentous occasion in a baby's life and First Baby Shoes Soft Sole Slippers are perfect for any little adventurer. 

The soft, flexible design doesn't restrict movement, allowing feet to bend and toes to grip which is so important when bub is learning to walk and getting used to balancing while being on their feet. 

The soft soles are made from naturally durable, non-slip suede suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The back of the shoe is made from a soft, supple leather and the front upper is made from a soft calico cotton. Elasticated ankles ensure that the slippers stay securely on baby's feet. A wide toe box allows rooms for toes to spread and wiggle.

Size guide

Shoe Size Foot length Approximate Age Guide
S (Small) 10.2 cm - 10.5 cm 3 - 6 months
M (Medium) 10.8 cm - 11.4 cm 6 - 9 months
L (Large)  11.7 cm - 12.1 cm 9 - 12 months

 To measure the length of baby's feet:

  1. Distract your little angel with something fun.. now.. GO!
  2. Have your child stand on a piece of paper.
  3. Mark at the heel and the longest toe on both feet, making sure toes are flat and not curled.
  4. Measure the distance between the marks.

Remember to measure the length of both feet. If one foot is larger, fit to the larger foot. Allow no more than 1.5cm extra for growth room.

To measure the width of the foot:

Take a tape measure and measure the circumference of your child’s foot by starting at the joint where his big toe begins, wrapping the tape measure around child‘s foot once, and ending at the joint where his little toe begins.

Like adult feet, babies' feet are slightly bigger at the end of the day making it the best time to measure them. We recommend checking at least every three to four months to see if your baby's shoe size has changed.