Elle Evans Tiny Swimwear Collection

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The Elle Evans Tiny Swimwear collection is designed and produced in Melbourne, Australia by a small team of 3 very talented individuals. This is a team which strives to create a collection which is as sustainable as it can possibly be.

Elle Evans Swimwear is designed to end up with minimum fabric waste. Only post consumer waste fabrics, remnants discarded by bigger companies that would otherwise go to landfill, or recycled lycra are used. Recycled lycra uses 80% less energy in production than regular 'virgin' lycra. 

Sewn into every pair of Elle Evans Tiny Swimwear pieces are instructive washing labels which help the wearer reduce unnecessary energy consumption through washing and drying; usually the most environmentally harmful part of a garment's life. Future plans include ensuring that all fastening and trims are as sustainable as the fabrics used.

Each Elle Evans cossie is made to order so please allow 10 days from the date of purchase until they are shipped. Your cossie will be shipped directly by Elle Evans to you by courier.

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