Kindy is a go-go February 03 2013, 0 Comments

So we survived the first few days of this huge milestone.

Mr 4.5 was upset to go. Mr 2.5 was upset not to.

The first day was heartbreaking with lots of sobbing and a near panic attack. Him not me, I'm proud to say. I saved my tears for afterwards and embarrassed myself in front of all the other parents whom I'd never met before.

I then spent the whole day feeling a bit sick wondering whether we had done the right thing in sending him to school at 4 1/2 but, when I picked him up, he was full of energy, smiles and stories.

I learned that he had made a friend, Jake, because Jake's name was almost, but not quite, the same as his (Jack). He remembered his teacher's name. He remembered to eat his snack at break time and his lunch at lunch time. And he quite liked his big 'buddy'.. even though she was a 'geel'.

But the thing that seemed to impress him most was that when a boy got sick he didn't have to go home but could lie down in the school to rest. IMAGINE it!

Toto, I've a feeling we're not in daycare anymore..

By the end of Friday my little boy had suddenly grown up. He stood a little taller, spoke a little clearer and played just that bit rougher. He's definitely a kindy boy now and there's no looking back.

I'm hoping that week two goes well and I don't forget to make the packed lunches for Monday morning!

Best of luck to all your littlies who have started or will be starting this week. Change is scary but it's all good in the end.