The creative force behind Australian baby label Anarkid May 09 2014, 2 Comments


The Anarkid collection at Small to TALL

Welcome to the first in our new series Behind the Label where I find out a little bit more about the designers behind some of our favourite baby and kids labels.


In the spotlight today is Kelli Marchewka, the creative force behind one of Australia's biggest new names in babywear, Anarkid Organic. As a mum to two young children and a professional career in graphic design, it was a logical step for Kelli to bring her two passions together. And so Anarkid was born.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself? 

I have lived in Melbourne almost all my life. I have a hubby and two gorgeous, loud and full-of-life kids aged 2 and 3 which I was very lucky to have later in life.

What gets you up in the morning?

The sound of my kids screaming wake up!

Truly though, it is the best thing to wake up to. Their energy and pure joy at starting a new day gets me up every morning, that and a nice hot coffee!

What are the 3 things you can’t live without?

  1. My kids
  2. My iPhone
  3. My Macbook

(insert hubby in there somewhere too)

How did Anarkid come about and what is the story behind the name?

The name Anarkid is the bringing together of the words Anarchy and Kid. Design is very structured, and yet kids are chaos! I wanted to try and create something that brought together these two very opposite concepts.

I have been a graphic designer all my life, after I had my babies I became baby obsessed and discovered a passion that I never believed possible. The next logic step for me was to bring my two passions together and Anarkid was born. 

Where does your inspiration come from?

As a designer, inspiration comes from everywhere: art, other designers, the colour of the sky, shape, patterns, type. Whenever I am working on a design, I ask myself whether I would be happy with this as a two dimensional graphic design piece, if the answer is yes, then I keep it.

I am also inspired by everyone who supports organic. I think if people knew the incredible, positive flow on effect of buying organic cotton, on the farmers, the workers, and of course on your baby, more people would support it. I am very proud that Anarkid is organic.

What was the first thing you ever sold?

Before Anarkid, I tried my hand at a small retail store. I found though that I wanted a more creative outlet, but what also struck me was how difficult it can be for small retailers out there at the moment. When I started Anarkid, I made the decision to only sell wholesale so I didn’t compete with my stockists. So I had to do a lot of work looking for stores who would take a chance on us and stock Anarkid, even though our name was very new in the baby fashion world. So my first sales were the very first stores that took us on.

What’s your fave design .. and why?

That is a really hard one to answer, and changes all the time as I do new designs. I think the geo in yellow pattern is probably my fave as it is such a beautiful colour, and the line work is meticulous. My manufacturers have done an incredible job of keeping the line work detail in the print. My fave design in the Summer collection coming up is a gorgeous kimono with a cross and numbers design, cant wait to share it with everyone!


And we can’t wait to see your new collection, Kelli… any sneak peeks?? Oh alright, we’ll just have to wait like everybody else.

But seriously, Small to TALL are thrilled to be one of your stockists and we are continually inspired by designers who work hard to make sure that the clothes they design are produced ethically and sustainably.

All Anarkid Organic clothes are made in India under fair trade terms and conditions using 100% GOTS certified cotton and organic vegetable dye. That’s good for bub, the workers who produce the raw materials and the finished product and for the environment.

Thanks for your time, Kelli. It’s great to learn a little bit about you and your inspiration for creating such fabulous designs. We look forward to what is coming next. You can find out more about Anarkid at and see our Anarkid collection at