The WWF of style - Winter Water Factory September 09 2013, 0 Comments

Winter Water Factory

Certified organic, amazing colours, delightful checklists go we had ticked all the boxes easily when we discovered Winter Water Factory, a Brooklyn-based husband and wife team who's trademark is whimsical, bold and beautiful textile prints.

If the company name has a quirky feel to, it may be because its origins are in a childhood enterprise. The original “Winterwasserfabrik” was the brainchild of the now designer Stefanie Lynen, and founded in the early 1980s in Germany. Stefanie and her sister bottled melted snow and sold it to their parents as “winter water.” A creative business was clearly in the making and it has translated beautifully to using all natural resources to manufacture high quality, high impact clothing.The biggest issue we had was narrowing down our order wishlist so we could get our mini collection as soon as possible.

When Mr Australia Post called the door with the parcels there was a lot of trying not to screech out loud but when the boxes were ripped open, that all changed. Inside were playsuits that made my heart melt. So, so soft and stunning designs for the cool and dreamy. A total rainbow of whimsy.

Don't tell the hubby but we may need to have number 3 simply so I can cuddle a baby in these clothes.

Check out the full collection and let us know what you think.